this one lives above the ocean
and looks like a movie
yet I have no sexual desire for
she has a piano and some drums
and when I get high
I like to play her piano and
drums and scream out whatever
words come to my head.

she keeps having different men
and she tells me about them:
“I’m going with Little John now.
has has this short fat dick!”

she picks her men up on the
boardwalk in Venice.
she’s well-read and has a
perfectly-shaped body;
long blonde hair falls
across her back and down
to her wondrous behind
and sometimes I kiss her.
we have long marathon kisses,
mostly in the kitchen.

then I play the piano and
it’s not only all the men.
it’s that laugh.
when she begins to laugh
you hear her insides.

poor Little John’s short
fat dick won’t save