returning to an old love

well, here the computer is again down for
the count and I am back with the good old IBM electric.
it really doesn’t matter as long as I have something
to get the word down with.
I get physically and mentally ill when I am
locked away from the
and at least with the IBM
this machine doesn’t suddenly gulp down pages
and pages of words
that you have celebrated the hours with,
words that vanish

this machine is slow but safe
and I welcome it back like the good friend it still

I hope that it forgives me
and arranges more good luck for me.

now it’s balking a bit,
looking me over.

come on baby, I say,
do it.
do it again.

I’m sorry about that whore,
they warned me about her
but I wouldn’t listen.

now we’re back together.
come on, baby,
do it

be a lady