thinking more and more
about death
Christ, it’s getting worse
than the horses
to muse about.

I remember Henry Miller on
the Tom Synder Show
and Tom asked Henry (who was
very very old then):
“Mr. Miller, do you ever
think of death?”

and he answered, “of course,
I do.

I remember reading
an excellent poem about death
by D.H. Lawrence:   “ya gotta
get your ship of Death ready
or else
you’re just gonna lay up in
these spaces for thousands of
or so.”

the Christians have a similar
the other day on the freeway
I was following a car and
the bumper sticker said:

then you get
those macho guys
in the factories and
in the bars
who say:
“the only way to die is
you’re fucking.”

well, I’ve done that
any number
of times.

I suppose
I’m ready.

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