people who eat pizza
people who put that dough
that stale melted cheese
those tasteless olive and pepper slives
that pepperoni
into their mouth
that baked come
into their mouths–
their act is a crime against breathing
against putting your shoes on in the morning
it’s a crime against love and sex and rythm
it’s a crime against Beethoven
and Alvin Karpis
and the dreams of Mickey Mouse;
it’s a crime against the green flowing rivers.

people who put pizza into their mouths
ought to be hung by their balls from the flagpoles,
or if they be the liberated members of our species
they ought to be hung by their titties in an icey wind.

people who eat pizza aren’t people, they’re bugs
they’re flies; they’re worms the fish won’t eat.

when we have a people who are capable of eating pizza
and enjoying it
we have a people without joy, hope, love, enterprise
mind or imagination,
and I’m not nearly so concerned as to who invented pizza
but more so
as to who invented the eaters.

when I walk past pizza parlors
and see them sitting in there eating
I am not surprised
that humanity has fucked up two thirds of their past
and three quarters of their future.