party girl

listen       this one said       all we do is sit around and
look at each       other       that may satisfy you but it
doesn’t       satisfy me

whatya wanna do       I asked

where I come from       she said       we used       to party
almost every night       we used to party and dance

I didn’t say anything

maybe       she went on       it’s because       you’re twenty
years older than I       am       you don’t need to party
me       I like to dance       I like to move it

go ahead       have a party       I said

she jumped up and ran to the       phone

two nights later       the music was on LOUD       there were
3 women       including her       and fourteen men       not
including myself

she danced hot       she moved it       she danced close
now and then       looking over at       me

the men seemed to be enjoying       it       I got a 5th of
vodka and sat in the       breakfastnook drinking       then
the music got       LOUDER

there was an old couch in the backyard       among the
bamboo       shoots       I took the bottle back       there

in a while I was joined by a       couple of       fellows

we drank       smoked and talked       we finished the bottle
and I went back for       another one

then we each told a few stories       not       bad       and there
was a light cool       fog out there and I felt pretty

then she came trundling       back

she said       what are you guys a bunch of       fags       are
you trying to compete       well       if you are       forget
it       we are having a       better time       then you are
and there’s nothing dirty about       dancing       I’m just a
country girl       and we were born to party       I learned to
dance at a square dance when I       was two years old
you guys are just a bunch of party       poopers       sitting
around and talking       that intellectual bullshit       you’re
all just scared       you don’t know how to live

then she trundled off       tripping over the brambles

that’s right       I told the fellows       I’m scared


yes       I’m too old for her       I get in the way of her fun
I feel horribly guilty       about it

what can you do

I’m moving out tomorrow

is that why she was mad

no       she doesn’t know yet

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript