I laid under the pooltable with a
baseball bat and when the first one came
in I got him
and when the next one came   in
I got   her too.
I rolled   up her dress and looked at her
panties and got under the pooltable
and I got the next guy
a guy with very big ears.
I put him and her in the closet
and then went to the back porch and
ripped the motor out of the washing
shot the cat
stole a Webster’s dictionary
and a green apple.

I had always wanted to go to Spain
and wondered what I was doing
in the middle of
some songs have no

there was a hammock in the yard
between two trees.   I
climbed in and
looked at the sky and
bit into the apple.   the
phone rang but I
didn’t answer the phone.   then I
heard two
sirens.   I
got out of the hammock,
climbed the back fence and
walked through that yard.
when I got out front I
turned left and
walked down the street.   I
needed the exercise, that’s what
the doctor had told me.

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