I haven’t killed all the roaches in this place
but I’ve gotten most of them.   there are two
I can’t get.   they sit inside the plastic cover-
ing of my radio, Solid-State FM&AM, they sit
inside where the red indicator selects the stations
as I turn the knob.   I only listen to FM on two
stations, KUSC and KFAC, in that order.   they are
both classical music stations.

those are cultured roaches.   they heard Beethoven’s
9th. last night and now they are listening to Brahm’s
2nd.   what they are feeding on I am not sure, but
they sit very quietly.   only their feelers move
now and then.

that radio is changing them.   they are even starting
to look like music critics.   by this, please understand
that I mean no offense to the roaches.

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