ow said the cow to the fence that linked

, flounce those asshole babies,
the lepers are drunk on coconut
, the pervert’s last dream was of
bacon mixed with rump
, dead is dead enough
red is red enough
and the horse farted in the
queen’s face
and an hour later
she had his balls in her hands
and his head mounted between
the motorcycle handles of
, the green forests in my mind
are blind
as I reach for the toilet paper
the world barks once and
, vanilla, vanilla, vanilla,
imagine yourself in Prokofiev’s
rear pocket during a summer
squall outside the villa of a
vermouth drinking dog-
, Paris is a place outside of
nowhere that used to
, keep getting phone calls
from totally mad people who
love me because they believe
my madness justifies theirs
which is worse than very low
, pain is like a rocket, get enough
of it
and it will shoot you through
and past all nonsense
for a while
, the lady brought me a drink
and I brought the lady a drink
and the lady brought me a
and then I brought the lady a
and then the bartender
plucked out his left eye
stuck it into his mouth and
blew it to the ceiling
as a guy walked through the
door and asked,
“Is Godot in here?”
, the placenta is the hymn of
the forgotten wound
and don’t you owe me 20
bucks which I lent you during
Madi Gras?
, o, damn all things and
birds and lakes and garter
o, why are we so stuffed
with helium crap?
o, who stole the eyes
and put the bottle caps on
Georgia’s ass?

, why does the door open

, hey, this stale breathing of
the stinking drums…
wherein come these arms?
catch that drunken lark!
, that pettifog of perfection…
that pellucid yawn of

, Christ stopped short,
the tire blew,
I opened the trunk and
the jack was