organ play

that was Mr. Dore Manchester on the organ.
Mr. Manchester is with us tonight for the first
time but he has performed at Dolumth Gardens
rendering the works of Sandi.
Mr. Manchester studied under Sumac and Gathers,
has been awarded the Prestigious Pilgrim’s Prize
and the Dorothy Bedford Sanctuaries Award.
Mr. Manchester is back with us now to perform
Sterling Bronson’s FIGHT FOR AIR.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Dore Manchester!
No, wait!
pardon!   pardon!
that is Sigmund Shelton!
he isn’t on the program!
here come Mr. Dores Manchester now!
Shelten rises to meet him!
they are grappling before the organ!
this is truly disgusting!
Shelton’s pants have ripped!
he has Mr. Manchester in a headlock!
the audience is screaming obscenities!
Manchester has grabbed Shelton’s privates!
the lights have gone out!
there is gun fire!
the audience is attacking the audience!