Observations On Music

I have sat for thousands of nights
listening to symphony music on the radio;
I doubt that there are many men my age 
who have listened to as much classical music
as I have —
even those in the profession.

I am not a musicologist
I have some observations:
1) the same 50 or 60 classical compositions
are played over and over
and over again.
2) there has been other great music written that we
ignore at our peril.
3) the second movement of most symphonies is
only kind to insomniacs.
4) chamber music has every right to be energetic
and entertaining.
5) very few composers know how to END their
most opening movements, like romance, have
early charm.
6) I prefer a conductor who inserts his own 
interpretation rather than the purist who blindly follows 
the commands of the master.
7) of course, there are always some conductors with so much ego and
“interpretation” that the composer
8) music is much like fucking, but some composers can’t
climax and others climax too often, leaving themselves and the 
jaded and spent.
9) humor is lacking in most so-called great musical
10) Bach is the hardest to play badly because he 
made so few spiritual mistakes.
11) almost all symphonies and operas could be 
12) too much contemporary music is written from the safe
haven of a university. a composer must still 
experience life in its raw form in order to
write well.
13) music is the most passionate of the art forms;
I wish I had been a musician or a composer.
14) very few writers know how to END a 
poem like this one
15) but I do.

Charles Bukowski
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