now here see me

playing with words as the mind fries and
burns like an egg left unattended in the
my cat crawls into a large paper bag
turns about
within it and
looks out at me

my woman is out tonight doing some
social thing

I used to mind
I no longer mind

if she can find enjoyment
out there
I would say that
the world is better for
with her.

the radio music is not very good
as I play with these words
as the brain

I am now
looking at
a red package of

50 white

what happened to those nights, man,
when you used to smash up the corner

oh shut up, answers the typewriter (now)
I don’t feel at all like examining the
past, the present or the

o.k., says the brain, I’m going to
strike too

as my cat crawls out of the
paper bag

a fairly slow night.

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