when I was in the post office
there was this black girl
there was something wrong with her
and there was something wrong with me
and one lunch period
she walked up to me
and said,
“come on, buy me a drink.”
so we walked across the street
to the Chinaman’s
and we had the drink
and then I said,
“come on, buy me a drink.”
and she did
and then we noticed a guy
passed out in a corner booth
and she said, “Jesus Christ, it’s
Skinny Minny.”
Skinny Minny was a light yellow
supervisor who had given me
plenty of trouble and it looked
strange to see him there human
enough to get drunk like that.
“I don’t hate him so much now,”
I told her.
we finished our drinks
and walked out to go back to
“come on over here,” she said
and she led me up a little alley
up against a wire fence where
some empty cartons were stacked.
it was very dark and she pulled
over a carton, sat down and
unzipped me and began licking
me and then she had me in her
mouth, sucking.
I grabbed the wire fence.
“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”
I came.
she zipped me up and we walked
back to work and punched
in late

after that night we never went
out together again.
maybe she had been playing me
against some guy.
but Skinny Minny never looked
as bad again.
I don’t know what that night
it probably didn’t mean anything
at all.
it’s when you look for meaning
that you get confused.

about a month later she quit
the job.
that made sense.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript