nothing to it

“now,” said the doctor, “I am going to explain this
whole procedure to you so you won’t worry, we’re
going to run these tubes into your lungs, there’s
a little light there and we’re going to look around.
also there are little scissors attached and they will
take a snip here and there and bring it back out so
we can have a look.
the tubes are lubricated and slide right on in, we use
one nostril, down through the throat and in…..
would you prefer the left or the right

“the left,” I said.

“the left… fine… now we want you on your back…
but first, maybe you’d like to look at the tubes?”

“no,” I said.

“the whole procedure will be completed in from ten to
fifteen minutes, we’re going to do a little look-look
and a little snip-snip, the tubes are small, there is
nothing to it.”

I glanced at the tubs, they looked like battery

“nurse,” said the doctor.

“yes,” I said.

“no,” said the doctor, “I was calling the

“sorry,” I said.

then I was on my back and two masked faces were bending
over me.

I was going to miss the first

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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