Note Left On The Dresser By A Ladyfriend

“Cutting down on Henry’s entertainment and wine expenditures”:

WINE:   at present you are buying about 90 bottles
per month
retailing at $3 a bottle
which comes to a total of at least $270 plus tax
a month.
if you can cut it down to 60 bottles a month
(2 and one-seventh bottles per night) and buy it
by the case at 10% discount you will only spend
$180.   the amount saved will be approx. $90 per month
$1080 yearly.

DINING OUT:   at present you are going out to eat about
4 nights a week and it costs about $20 a night, including
drinks, which comes to a total of $320 per month.   cut
dining out to 2 nights a week at about $20 each night
(much less if at the Chinaman’s).   this will come to
about $160 a month tops.   the amount saved will be
approx. $160 a month, or $1920 a year.

TELEPHONE:   at present you have been spending about $110 per
month.   this one’s easy:   no more long distance calls!   this
will cut it in half.   the amount saved will be $55 a month,
or $660 per year.

RACETRACK: at present you are spending (losing) approx. $20
about 6 or 7 days a month.   Hank, you’ve just got to work out
a new system, for this comes to around $140 per month!

so my dear, by cutting down on wining, dining, long distance
calls and losing at the track
you will save approx. $370 a month, or
get this:
$4440 per year!   REALLY!

get ready,
          get set,

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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