N.Y. Times

fan out and spread to the left, McMuntry where are
you?   oh, wiping with the N.Y. Times, I’ve often
wanted to do that.   I had this horse once, 99 to
one, just a duece to win and he had 2 lengths half-
way down the stretch but he stumbled on something,
flipped over the railing, broke something inside
of himself and died…
further to the left!   20 yards between each man!
they are on the ledge-top there!   I can see their
round dumb heads silhouetted!   they have fire-power
down but they don’t know that in a minute and 15
seconds our artillery is going to flame the top
of that ridge and we’re going up and over.   strange,
I been constipated for 2 days and even now, I guess
I’m getting used to the fucking war, death and life
get confused like being married 30 years…