my buddy

my head was masked in bandages
and I took the bus there

and I sat on the hard long bench
and waited for the doctor.

each day about the same time
a man would walk in and sit on
the long hard bench too.

this man’s nose was growing
upon itself.
it was very large and red and
long and lopsided.

under all my bandages I had my
troubles too.

we had to wait many hours each
the nurses were nice and joked
with us.

I didn’t know what they were doing
to the man’s nose
but it was getting worse
just like my troubles.

we sat on the same bench each
but never spoke to each

I remember that year well.
the weather was good.
all year long
and at the end of the year
the man stopped coming

and the doctors and nurses
never spoke about him
and I had to sit on the bench
with other
more ordinary people.