the movies are getting better finally.
I remember this one movie I was in.
I worked as a janitor in this tall building
at night, of course, with these old men and
old women who cleaned up the other people’s
dirt and shit.
these folk had a very tired and dark and
useless feel about them.

this one old man and I
we used to work very fast
and then sit in this office on the top
at the big man’s desk
our feet up there
we looked out over the city and
watched the sun come up while
drinking our port wine.
he talked and I listened to the
years of his life
not much
he was just a guy who cleaned the
and did a good job of that.

I didn’t.
they canned me.

then I got a job as a dishwasher
and they canned me because
I wasn’t a good dishwasher.

this was a low-budget movie
it didn’t take 30 million
nothing anti-Vietnam war.
you still ought to see it.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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