I got some of the hairs    of her cunt in
my teeth and gently pulled   on
them.   it was after midnight, a
quiet and restful time.
then I flashed my tongue quickly and
lightly to this spot
then that
spot, then
“you’re too professional,” she said,
“stop it.”

I got up and walked to the kitchen
and got a beer.
I brought her a whiskey and water
and sat up in bed
drinking and smoking, listening
to the sirens and the

she told me about her mother
who had been in the communist party
in New York city
and worked the front sewing machine
in a sweatshop.

I told   her about my mother.
I told her that I didn’t think my mother
had ever had   her pussy eaten by a pro
or by anybody

she said her mother had been
elected by the other girls to
represent them in
disputes with the owners.

that’s a strange thing when you think about it,
I said, everybody has or once had a

yes, she said.

then we went on to talk about
other things.