merry, merry

now let’s see
who’s on my Christmas list:
there’s the 3 mad Japs
and there’s the guy down at
Standard who said he didn’t have
time to give me an oil change
and there’s that black guy
at the toll bridge
who took it personal
when I was only jiving.
there’s the guy who sold me
this place
who put in his own plumbing
and wiring.
there’s the macho guy who got
8 million for fighting
and quit because he said
he had stomach cramps.
and there’s the jock
the other day
who wouldn’t take
the opening at the rail
when I had him 20 win, 20 place,
and then there are all the people
who will come by on Christmas day
or the day before
or the day after
because it’s the season
and then there are all the neighbors
who won’t speak to me
because they heard that the other
I ran through my front yard
drunk and naked and
then there are all the clerks
at the checkout counters
who look like plastic statues
as I stand in long lines
trying to hold in a
bowel movement.

and then, my friend, there’s

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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