me and Pound’s girlfriend

I was beginning to write my shit and some of it was getting
published and then I got into a correspondence with this girl
who claimed to have been Ezra’s girlfriend while he was in
all of her letters were full of “Ezra said…”, and she
lived up near San Francisco and I heard through the vine
that she was quite beautiful and living in a trailer with
some Chinese poet named Fang.
I saw some of Fang’s stuff in the littles and his stuff was
her letters to me were ten pages long and mine to her were
twelve and Fang was getting it and I wasn’t getting any.
she kept writing about Pound and Fang and the Cantos
and I kept writing about my troubles and ideas.
a friend of mine, a poet, Big John Jasper, also claimed,
to have visited Ezra in lock-up, and Big John claimed that
the girl who claimed to have been Ezra’s girlfriend was a
I wrote her and told her that and she wrote back:   “who
is this man who dares?” and I gave her his name and address
and he went up and visited her, ran Fang off into the hills
and stayed for four days and four nights.

soon I stopped hearing about all of them: Pound, Fang, Jasper,
I got lost in other places and I still don’t know if she was
Ezra’s girlfriend or not, although I still see ads in the
throwaways that Big John Jasper is reading his same poetry
at Papa Bach’s and at Beyond Baroque and at George Sand’s
and at Deja Vu and places like that, the fucker.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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