Buk, about those voices I hear in my brain, I just
hear them when I get in a medication jam like
I’m in now, I’m out of Valium and can’t get any
until tomorrow.
I’m supposed to take two Navenes twice a day, one
at breakfast and one before sleep and three
Desyarl, one in the morning and two at bedtime plus
15 mg. of Valium a day, usually around 9 in the
morning, one at 2 in the afternoon, one at 5 and
before bedtime but I like to get high and usually
take 3 at a time.
I ran across a couple of scripts of Codeine and
Percodan last week and took 40 Codeines and 20
Percodans in 6 days.
I got loaded and thought I threw out the Percodan
script into the Dempsy Dumpster and scrouged
around in there for 30 minutes before I
discovered I had put them inside my underwear so
my mother wouldn’t see them.

I fell out of bed a few weeks ago and there was
this terrible black and blue mark on my leg near
my butt, so my mother told me to go to the
Emergency ward at the Presbyterian and a young
intern there draw a circle around the mark with a
pen and gave me 20 tables of Percodan and a
synthetic Morphine shot, then I went to see my
internist and he looked at the black and blue mark
with the circle drawn around it and he wrote me a
script for 40 Codeines.

I say legalize drugs for Christ’s sake, and bring
back Country Joe and the Fish.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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