liar, liar, your pants are on fire!

bunch of guys sitting there drinking and Louie
started in on one, said he was in this bedroom
working out when the woman under him said,
“It’s my husband!   I hear his key in the front
Louie jumped up, there was only one way
out, through the bathroom window, it was
two floors up but he went for it anyhow,
leaving his pants, his shirt everything there,
he climbed out the window, ass-naked, and
let himself down by the drainpipe.
three quarters of the way down he fell to the
ground, got up with a sprained and twisted
ankle and hobbled to his car
which was parked in back and he drove off
with a roar, driving through the night totally
naked but still alive!

the guys laughed, “Man, Louie, you got
away with it!”

the way I saw it, Louie couldn’t have
started his car that quickly without his
pants with the keys in them.
I thought that I could expose him, but
what was the good?

another fellow was into his bullshit
story and I was thinking up one of my

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript