let them be found…

I know it’s disgusting to write poems about
writing but
it’s the easiest thing to do as drunk as I am
which is
2 bottles of wine down
and I usually write from 4 to ten poems
this way.
it’s a form of self-entertainment which I am
paid for
and I live alone in this large house with 2
cats (there were 3, one died)
and at my age it’s realistic to assume that
I might also die
one of these a.m. workout nights
and that’s where the laugh
comes in:
before I bed down I place the pages of
under the bar on the roller so
when the stink gets bad or
when my girlfriend phones and the phone keeps

the pages will be found.
not so much that my death will be a tragic or
important thing

I will be out of

but the pages themselves will
let them know…

those carping little creeping

that I was good until the last
drink, and

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