Houdini was fucked-up by a kid
who punched him in the belly
before he was ready.
he hadn’t made his air cushion
the same thing happened to me
at a party once:
I told this guy:
“go ahead, hit me in the belly
as hard as you can!   I am built of
just then a young girl with beautiful
crossed them
and I looked over and caught glimpses
of miraculous thigh
just as the big guy
drove his fist straight through my
bellybutton… I had
the pain was almost tranquil
and I couldn’t see
then it got real bad
and I lifted my drink
and had some.
when I could talk
I told the big guy:
“now it’s my turn!”
“shit, no!” he said and vanished into
the crowd.
the girl with the beautiful legs
left early
with somebody.

later on that night
I drank a pint of whiskey
straight down
without stopping.

there was nothing else left
to do, and I got some

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