kitchen floor poem

playing with these words when you’re not ready
is like trying to copulate when not ready
but she suggested we drink tonight and
she’s down there doing the kitchen floor
and the drink must help her with that
but I’m up here with this malfunctioning

well, I could go into the other room and
attempt to find something on tv but
to drink and watch tv seems a total waste.

but, besides all that, I’ve often written to
when I didn’t feel like writing and
have come up with better stuff than when
I felt like writing so
maybe playing with these words when I’m not
is not like trying to copulate when not ready.
the latter is much more difficult.

but I still have the idea that she’s doing
something more worthwhile with the kitchen floor
than I’m doing up here
so this is a non-sensational poem
they can say that I’m really slipping now:

“did you read that god damned thing he wrote
about not being able to write while she was
scrubbing the kitchen floor?”

“I read it.   he’s finished.”

“he’s been finished a long time.”

“yes, but that kitchen floor poem really
showed it.”

Jesus Christ, even Picasso and Celina had
some bad nights.

anyhow, the wine goes down good and
as long as there’s enough of that
maybe we can make a comeback on the next piece
of paper.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript