John Dillenger marches on

I sometimes write about the 30’s because
they were a good training ground.
people learned to live with adversity
as a common every day thing.
when trouble came
they adjusted and made the next move,
and if there wasn’t one
they often created

and the people who had jobs
did them with artistry.
a garage mechanic could fix your
doctors made house calls.
cab drivers not only knew every
street in town
but they were also versed in
pharmacists would walk up to you
in drugstores and ask you what you
the ushers in movie houses were more
handsome than the movie
people made their own clothes,
repaired their own shoes.
almost everybody did things well.

now people in and out of their
professions are totally
how they   even wipe their own asses
is beyond me.
and when adversity arrives they are
they quit,
spit it out,
lay down.
these, coddled to the extremes
are only used to victory or
the soft way.

it’s not their fault,   I suppose
that they didn’t live
through the 30’s
but I’m still hardly tempted to

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