Jane and Droll

we were in a small shack in
central L.A.

there was a woman in bed
with me

and there was a very large
at the foot of the bed

and as they slept
I listened to them

and I thought, they depend
upon me.
how very curious.

I still had that thought
in the morning
after our breakfast
while backing the car
out of the drive

the woman and the dog
on the front step
sitting and watching

as I laughed and waved
and as she smiled and

and the dog looked
as I backed into the
street and disappeared
into the city.

now tonight
I still think of them
sitting on that
front step

it’s like an old
movie–35 years
old–that nobody ever
saw or understood
but me

and even though the
critics would dub it

I like it
very much

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