Jack with the hair hanging.
Jack demanding money.
Jack of the big gut.
Jack of the loud, loud voice.
Jack of the trade.
Jack who prances before the ladies.
Jack who thinks he’s a genius.
Jack who pukes.
Jack who badmouths the lucky.
Jack getting older and older.
Jack still demanding money.
Jack sliding down the beanstalk.
Jack who talks about it but doesn’t do it.
Jack who gets away with murder.
Jack who jacks.
Jack who talks of the old days.
Jack who talks and talks.
Jack with the hand out.
Jack who terrorizes the weak.
Jack the embittered.
Jack of the coffee shops.
Jack screaming for recognition.
Jack who never had a job.
Jack who totally overrates his potential.
Jack who keeps screaming about his unrecognized talent.
Jack who blames everybody else.

you know who Jack is.
you saw him yesterday.
you’ll see him tomorrow.
you’ll see him next week.

wanting it without doing it.
wanting it free.

wanting fame,
wanting women,
wanting everything.

a world full of jacks
sliding down the

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript