I’ve looked everywhere for the can opener

the rape of the sun fixes bedlam as the surfboard boys
appear as idiotic as dandelions I reread a book about
the life of Picasso, decide I’ll fool them:   get a ten-
speed and a sunburn, go to The Natural Museum of History
and Art, or get thrilled by a Mercedes Benz or some
television star actually standing in line at the post
office.   better maybe to have 20 win on a 9/2 shot in
the feature race.   or to watch a couple of good Mexican
boys gut it out at the Olympic autitorium.   or maybe
to cut through slow freeway traffic as my car radio
lucks upon Mahler.
or maybe just to look at a handsome woman from a
distance, leaving her that way, like that, knowing
that in distance the dream is more perfect.

there are various things to do.   right now I have
ripped the month of March from my wall as dogs lick
my toes my war has no victory.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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