my aunt Sally from Boston ran off with an Indian popcorn
vendor at 2:30 p.m., May 14th., 1964 and was never seen again.
she read the best books, drank the best whiskey, won all the
doughnut-eating and farting contests, never used curlers,
toothpaste, knife or fork.   once she got this huge white
horse, tied him up in the backyard and fired a bee-bee gun
at him for 14 hours.   aunt Sally never went to church but
she once strapped 7 tom cats to her ironing board, boiled
their tongues in vinegar and mayonnaise, ate them, then took
a train to Trenton and married a   banker with a face like a
frog.   smoking cigarettes at 3 a.m. I often think of my aunt
Sally from Boston.