in with the boys

there are days at the————track when it all
goes     well———you win by daylight and you
******* win the photos and everything sets
up into a ******* sensible rhythm———–you
forget your poor relatives and your insane
relatives—–***** you forget the war and
the peace
                  Jesus Christ, is this a poem?
———-and the traffic jams*******
and the dreams of your own death———
you even autograph somebody’s program—
***you see a face that smiles at you
you shake******the hand of the smiling
face88777665432, hell, it doesn’t matter
                   J.C., is this?
you came from the FACTORIES the park
BENCHES——this is a joke****
that 30 thousand dollar car
sitting in the parking lot——
they are going to come with a straight
jacket at any moment98765432******
and carry you out of here
BUT***—it’s not that good
all these
plump greedy bastards with their fleshy
faces—— these
suckerfish of life——
these dirty
BUT***—then the horses 123456789 are
moving toward the——gate——the odds
and you move into the betting line—–
it’s meaningless really but****** what
you bet 20 win on the 6——-turn to move
toward the screen***** somebody
some gross fat pig***** was it
no******not that—–