his name was Eddie and he had this
big white dog
a huskie
like one those who pulls sleighs
up near the pole
Igloor he called him
and Eddie had a bow and arrow
and every week or two
he’d send an arrow
into the dog’s side
then run into his mother’s house
through the yelping
saying that Igloo had fallen upon
his arrow.
that dog took many arrows and
but I saw the action and didn’t
like Eddie very much.
and so when I broke Eddie’s leg
in a sandlot game
that was my way of evening it out
for Igloo.

his parents threatened suit against
claiming I did it on purpose
that’s what Eddie
told them.

well, nobody had any money anyhow
and when Eddie’s father got a job
in San Diego
they moved out and left the
we took him in.

you know, Igloo was rather dumb
had no responses
just stuck out his tongue and
and although he rubbed his ass
all up and down the lawn after
he always had this large smear of
under his tail

and when get got run over by an
icecream truck
3 or 4 months later
and died in streams of scarlet
I didn’t feel much more than an
ordinary mourning
but I was still glad I
broke Eddie’s leg.