war plaza Kiswahilli deal 3 cards dummy of the flesh
you dead Uhlan your snake tongue slips from your
I prefer the echinold now the sonobuoy is missing
you think Nancy got it?
never mind–
we’ll detain the Tartars burn the manse as decoy
deal 2 cards
shit, it’s hot in here.
there’s this plant sale at Cooper’s
all the house painters and journalists consider death
they parade through the skimmia toward the parados
the skin of your ass is like old tarpaper hanging
I’ve told you again and again that I’m not interested
I don’t like rock music, horse shows or ice skating.
my quadriceps ache.
my mother sits in the belly of the lion without sound
my mother has no ears, fingers or feet.
deal one card.
I expect nothing from America.
where’s the bathroom?
Benito meet Adolph.
I’ll be right back.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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