I don’t need a Cleopatra

I am always exposing myself.
I go out on the front porch in my shorts
bend over to pick up the paper and
my parts fall out.

I sun bathe nude in the back yard
and sometimes stand up.
“you fool,” Linda says,
“Mrs. Catherty can see you over the
“where is she?” I ask.
“she’s standing there watering her
rose bushes!”
“get down!”

to me, nudity is a joke.
I don’t think nude people are very attractive
at all.
I like my women fully clothed.
I like to imagine what might be under
it might not be the standard thing.

image stripping a woman down
and she has a body like a little submarine
with periscope, propellers, torpedoes.

that would be the one for me.
I’d marry her right off and
be faithful to the end.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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