I am a true mole

Charles Bukowski only lets the movie stars visit
him, this poet wrote in one of his poems
and while it’s true that I might not have been
overly-eager for a visit from him
I have also turned down requests for visits from
some in the entertainment business
including one of its best known rock
and it’s also true that none of these wanted to
see me before I garnered a minor
but I was always a loner even before that.
if   I had a telephone it was usually off the
or I was having the number changed.
people who knocked on my door seldom got an

now because I haven’t changed my nature
this poet thinks that I am a prick and a

in the old days people just thought that I
was crazy.

but I need now what I needed then: a desk lamp,
the typer, the bottle, the radio on to classical
music, this ribbon