“No,” she said, “I know you fucked another woman
in that bed while I was in Arizona and I will not
sleep with you in that bed.”
“But look, Babs,” I said, “I live here, and I know
you got some in Arizona.”
“I don’t care,” she said, “I will not sleep with you
in that bed.”
“well,” I asked, “how about your place?   I don’t mind
so much that you have…”
“No,” she said, “we’ve got to get a motel room.”
“All right,” I said, “let’s go…”

so we drove around and found a motel called
and I gave the man 20 dollars
and we went down to #17
got ready for bed
got in
turned out the lights.

it was totally dark
never had I ever been in such

“It’s too dark,” I said, “what is it?
I feel as if we are buried under earth.
I can’t do it here…”

“I can’t do it here either,” she said.

“We can try,” I said.

“No, I can’t even try,”
she said.

we got dressed and I drove her
back to her place.

“I’ll phone you in the morning,”
she said.

I drove back to my place, undressed,
cut the lights and went to

then I remembered that I hadn’t brushed
my teeth.

fuck it, I thought, fuck my teeth.

I layed there a while.

then I got up and brushed my

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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