he left

I was writing this poem
late at night
about a classical composer
but I wasn’t positive I knew
how to spell his name
and I wanted to do the poem
and I wanted to do the poem
so I thought about phoning
anybody I might know
who knew how to spell
this composer’s name
and it was then that
I realized how few people
I knew
which was all right–
I decided to phone the
classical music station
I listened to each night
while drinking and
I got Information
and they gave me the
my call was answered
by somebody who said:
“listen,” I asked,
“is there anybody there
who can spell this
composer’s name?”
“who do you want?”
the man asked.
I spoke the
“oh, he went home,”
the man told me.
“I know he did,” I
said, “he’s been dead
for 200 years…”
the man laughed,
“sorry, I can’t help
you,” and then
hung up.

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