Harbor Freeway South

the dead dogs of Norway,
and then you see another
traffic accident,
3 cars,
some standing rear end
up, others front end down,
3 of them,
hanging up and down,
slight angles in the dark,
it has just happened,
I can see the heads and
bodies inside,
these cars
flipped like that
against the center freeway
like space craft landed and
tumbled there,
we drive past,
there’s no ambulance
no police cars,
the rain began 15 minutes
things occur,
500 times more powerful
than the first a-bomb,
the dead dogs of Norway
the dogs keep dying,
those cars there like that
a dirty fuck,
it’s somebody dying
of a heart attack
in a crowded elevator,
everybody with a bunghole
I finally reach my street,
pull into the driveway,
get out,
she met me halfway to the
door, “I don’t know what
to do,” she says, “the stove
went out.”

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