half a goldfish

we were drinking and we
went to this place, nice
house, lovely couple.
anyhow, there were 7 or
8 of us and a jug of
cheap wine
came out and the
snacks, and then the man
got up and came back with
3 goldfish and he said,
and he put them in the
and next I knew
there were 6 or 7 heads
down there by the fishtank,
including my girlfriend’s,
and the light from the tank
shone upon all the face
and upon all the eyes,
and one of the men went,
“Ah!” and one of the girls
went, “Oooh, eee!”
something was eating the
then somebody said, “Look,
there’s just half a goldfish
left and he’s still swimming
I said, “Why don’t you fucking
sadists get up off the rug
and help me finish off this
cheap wine?”
12 or 14 eyes turned   upon
me.   then in bits and layers
the people broke away from
the fishtank and sat back
down at the table.

they began a discussion of
the little magazines.