Gothic and etc.

I heard from two fellows who are going to do
a thesis on Chinaski.
one is from Louisiana and the other from
somewhere in the midwest.
they both type careful letters upon
expensive paper.
they sound young but kind.
and I answer their letters, but
I really don’t say much.

I feel that I am rather the geek
in the literary circus
to them–
so even though I don’t say much
I do throw in a few strange lines
as if my mind were properly

some years back
another fellow shipped me his thesis.
there were pages and pages
wherein I was given vast credits:
I was the Faulkner of Los Angeles
as he was the Faulkner of some
county or city which I am unable to
remember or spell (I never liked
and furthermore this fellow said I
was Gothic.
I was any number of dark and
strange things.
I was given credits and insights
I had written things
with vast and powerful intent.

this is what they finally do
even though you’ve starved to death
the first 50 years of your life
to try to get it going
they still give you much more
than you ever had

the students want it to be

I want it to be easy and
almost useless.

which is what it

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript