goodbye, flying circus

goodbye Hemingway goodbye Celine (you died on the same day)
goodbye Saroyan goodbye old Henry Miller goodbye Tennessee
Williams goodbye the dead dogs of the freeways goodbye all the
love that never worked goodbye good morning it’s always sad it’s
always sad with people giving and then being taken I except I
accept and I will give you my automobile and my cigarette
lighter and my silver drinking chalice and the roof that held
out most of the rain goodbye Hemingway goodbye Celine goodbye
Saroyan goodbye old Henry Miller goodbye Camus goodbye Gorky
goodbye the tightrope walker falling from the wire as the
blank faces look up then down then away
be angry at the sun, said Jeffers, goodbye Jeffers, I can only
say that the death of good people and bad are equally sad
goodbye Carons McCullers goodbye to the fox in my dreams and
to the telephone
it’s been more difficult than I ever expected
goodbye Two Ton Tony goodbye Flying Circus
you did enough goodbye Tennessee you alcoholic speed-freak fag
I’m drinking an extra bottle of wine for you

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript