Flashing White Teeth

I finally bought a t.v. set
and the other night
I got this channel
and here’s this guy in
he has no money
but he wears a very good suit
and his necktie is knotted
and he’s neither worried or drunk
but he’s in this cafe
and all the beautiful women are
in love with him
and he keeps paying his rent
and walking up and down staircases
in very clean shirts and stockings
and he advises a few of the girls
that they can’t write poetry
he can
but he doesn’t really feel like it
at the moment–
he’s looking for Truth.
meanwhile he has a perfect haircut
no hangover
no nervous tics under each eye and
he has flashing
white teeth.

I knew what would happen:
he’d get the poetry, the women and
the Truth.

I popped off the tv set
thinking, dumb-ass son of a bitch
you deserve