the victim is the dog of man
the victim is dog the man
the victim is the dog man
the hot dog
mustard drizzling down the fingers
Lou Gehrig rockabye baby Lou
Ernie o Ernie o
Graziano and Zale
Zale and Graziano
blood on the hotdog
ha ha
war haha
lookie all the wars
lookie lookie lookie
here comes cookie
all over the sheets
sheet metal workers
the victim is the workers
the victim is Eugene   V. Hemingway Debs
thomas Carlyle Jr.
Greta Garbo grabbing balls
let me acquaint you with the fax:
ants ain’t done got no chance
the Phillies need roller skates
Marilyn Monroe was a lesbian
my mother loved   olives
spiders are ugly people
the government’s going to raise taxes again
because they think we aren’t poor enough
why, piss, kid, I been wearing the same   pair of   pants for
4 years
snorkle, we need more snorkle and weenie bakes and
blue moons
Patricia Hearst won’t you please come home?
bow wow bow wow wow
bow wow bow wow wow
Peepee’s got the chicken-pox
the waller’s in the icebox
pop’s comin’ home drunk again tonight
the victim likes it
the victim is a tricycle
the victim is a gonorrhoea face
the victim is a stick of gum wrapped in green
the victim is the queen’s asshole

now look boy stop beating those drums
now look boy stop beating those drums
now look boy stop beating   your meat
it’s too hot in August
thank you, my man

one of the greatest god damn shows you’ve
ever seen–
the spider lady sucks off vanilla icecream
all for a dime
ten cents
or your mother’s ruby nipples

I’d like to acquaint you with the fax:
Picasso was a rummy with a cocoanut lodged in his
Schopenhauer (1788-1860) flogged off his cat
and kicked Marilyn Monroe’s door down
55 miles an hour against gravity is like
licking your grandmother’s cunt in a
Hitler didn’t paint roses
he invented them
and he’s down at your corner newsstand now
pinching   pink little girls on their elbows
and sundry parts

Love letter:

I care for you, darling, I love you,
the only reason I fucked L. is because you fucked
Z. and then I fucked R. and you fucked N.
and because you fucked N. I had to fuck
Y.   But I think of you constantly, I feel you
here in my belly like a baby, love, I’d call   it,
no matter what happens I’d call it love, and so
you fucked C. and then before I could move again
you fucked W., so then I had to fuck D.   But
I want you to know that I love you, I think of you
constantly, I don’t think I’ve ever loved anybody
like I love you.

bow wow bow wow wow
bow wow bow wow wow.