eating the father

the father was dead.
he died shortly after the
plane crash.

they waited some time.
they were snowed in
husband and wife.

the pilot had gone off
for help
but the pilot had been
gone a long time.

so bit by bit
they ate the father.
it was her father.

it worked:
they were alive when the
rescue team arrived.
the pilot had

when they got back to
civilization they
told the newspapers that
they had asked God
and God had said,
All right.

and they knew that father
would understand.

they were photographed
standing together
and smiling.

I suppose I would have done
the same thing
without even asking God.

but I think a better photograph
would have been
of the remains of the father.

something like
an after-Thanksgiving

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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