Drooling Madness At St. Liz

Sherri told me they had been
lovers in there
but she had gotten off course
waylaid a few weeks or so
and she told me of the place
in the Cantos where he wrote
about it:
Ez was grabbing the bars
looking at the moon and
where is she tonight?

one would think a wise man
would see past that but the
fact is that some wise men
become almost that because
of their feelings.

anyhow, so you see
the   old boy got hooked upon
the trivialities of the flesh
just like the rest of us.

I kept wanting to ask her
about the lover she had been
with but since she didn’t tell
me I figured it was about the
usual.   which doesn’t mean it
isn’t all right.   wasn’t.

actually, though, at times
like that I think mostly of
yellow lampshades & also of
toilets flushing.   even
when it happens to me.   Ezra,
though, I think was more

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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