don’t play it again, Sam…

Bruch lived to be 82 and what fame he gained was for writing
his First Violin Concerto at the age of 28; there you have
28 and 82, reversible numbers, and I’m speaking of Bruch,
not Bruckner who also had problems–the main one being an
over-reverence of one Richard Wagner.

but back to Bruch:   82 minus 28 is 54, and he told people:
“yes, I love it but please play something else that I have

he had written other things and had written them well but
they just kept on performing his First Violin Concerto

which might be better than not being heard at all
but I do suppose that after hearing it so much
that dying, for him, was the only way to get away from it

which may not be a nice thing to say since we can get away
from it in less drastic ways

although we all have our First Violin Concertos in different
all of which makes death less tragic for all of us
boys girls men women snakes dogs elephants
things that fly and things which swim and all the things
which can do neither and don’t even care to

ask Mr Bruch:
resting is good, but don’t mention the

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript