Dear Mr. Chinaski:

I get letters in the mail telling me that
I’m the best writer around.
I suppose that many writers get letters
like this.
maybe we can exchange them.
I mean, say that you’re a writer:
I’ll give you this 21 year old sex pot
in Canada
for a 25 year old sex pot in

then I have this fellow in a Texas
what will you offer me for this

I’ve got another who mails me
sez I’m better than Henry Miller
I need something good for this
maybe a 17 year old highschool
cheer leader.

the fan mail’s not all that
heavy, maybe 4 or 5 letters a
week but
the problem is
in answering them.
I’ve found that when I answer they
answer again and
I’m doing nothing but typing letters
replying to their letters
and all this was not my idea when I
began writing.
what the idea was, I’m not sure
but I’m sure it wasn’t to sit about
answering letters.

I don’t want to be a snob but I’d
prefer to be typing something

I wonder how, for instance, Norman
Mailer handles his volumes of

I have an idea of what he does or
doesn’t do…

I’d write and ask him but I’m
not a

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