Daylight Saving

I came in and all the timecards were
pulled so I had to go into Spindle at
personnel and he said, what happened,
Bukowski?   and I said, hell, all the
timecards were pulled, I couldn’t pun
ch in, and he said, you’re an hour la
te, and I said, hell, I have 6 p.m. r
ight here on my watch, and he said, it
‘s Daylight Saving today, and I said
, o, and he said, how come you didn’t
know it was Daylight Saving, and I sa
id, well, I don’t have a tv and I don
‘t read the newspapers and I only lis
ten to symphony music on the radio, a
nd Spindle turned to the others in th
e office and he said, look here, Buko
wski says he doesn’t have a tv and he
doesn’t read newspapers and he only l
istens to the symphony music on the radio
, should I really believe that? and s
omebody said, o, yes, you better beli
eve it, that cat’s crazy, that cat’s
crazy as they come, and Spindle got o
ut my timecard and handed it to me an
d said, all right, punch in, you’ll b
e docked for the missing time, and I
took my card out to the clock and hit
it and then I walked to the work area
, all the workers snickering at me and
making sly remarks, and I handed my c
ard to supervisor Wilkins in row 88 a
nd I sat down and went to work.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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