destroyed nebulous soupy

clouds of crowds
roosters of crowds

hamburger dancing sleeping

onion crowds

far-fart crowds

fair unfair crowds

vegetable dead crowds buried verily

crowd with a piece of bacon
crowd with a vulture’s hammer
crowd painted green in a subway

crowd in a lion’s belly
church crowd

crowd in a swamp with a lavender bottom
lavender bottom

(I am so very tired of crowds
I walk along with a radio to my ear
pretending I am a 2nd. jesus,
and I live alone in a small room and drink beer
and read the sports page of the paper
and I sleep alone in the dark, think of the crowds

I sleep and I can’t sleep and I can’t sleep)

your crowd
my crowd

bar crowds
barred crowds
bared verily crowds

coward crowds
crowds of cowards

knifed in the corridor crowds
axed in the alley crowds
built in America crowds

pisspot crowds
shithouse crowds
racetrack crowds
whorehouse crowds

crowds of ants
crowds of anywhere


crowds in bed
being sick
being born

crowds out of bed

the clouds go by
the lions stretch through doom
the window breaks
the elevator screams
the fly eats the hawk

I can’t sleep and I can’t sleep
I just can’t sleep.