Crime and Punishment

listening to Beethoven
after a bad day at the track

drinking a beer
trying to return to creation

it’s like trying to return to a love
after a bad argument.

I didn’t step out on creation.
I just deserted her for a bit.

will she take me back?

Dostoyevsky used to meet hell at the
roulette table.
but he got The Gambler out of it
and probably
many other areas of writing.

but I’d never suggest gambling or suffering
as a deliberate method of
creating art.

there isn’t any deliberate method of
creating art.

I wish I hadn’t gone to the track today.
I wish I hadn’t done so many things in my life.

but that’s all chatter and backward-looking
isn’t it?

there’s always the next hill to climb
the next falling down.
let’s get our legs under
us, let’s move!

that Dostoyevsky was one tough son of
a bitch.